Friday, April 30, 2010

Friend(s) With Benefits (FWB): Can it work??!

Heyyy!!  Long time, no blog! Been busy with this thing called life. So, I swore I would blog more. Umm yea. No success. Forgive me! :)

So anyway, as I asked in the title...can FWB work??!

In my most recent personal experience, it didn't. Luckily, my friend and I are were able to remain friends. But, that was after dealing with drama.

I think the main issue with having a FWB is that feelings get involved. At times, one may have deeper feelings than another. So things get difficult when one or both people start liking/talking to someone else. The easy solution to this dilemma would be "keep it real" right?! Those of you who have been there knows it's not that easy. You don't want to hurt your friends feelings, but at the same time you want to be honest.

Then the other questions are:
 "Does that mean the 'benefits' stop for the FWB when there's someone new?"
"Should/Can FWB remain friends if the 'benefits' stop?"

These situations can cause a lot of drama, feelings to get hurt, and/or friendships to end. Although it may be difficult, honesty is the best policy -- if you want to remain friends with the FWB. It's better to hear the truth from the person you've been involved with, versus other friends or social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

FWB isn't for everyone, but in some cases it has worked. Communication and honesty is the key to any relationship though. Otherwise there isn't any trust.

Well these are just my opinions and questions about FWB. I would like to know yours though! Has it worked for you or someone you know? Why or why not??

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