Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show Haiti that you CARE!

On January 12, 2010 Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake! Instead of just "feeling sorry" for to all those that suffered...DO SOMETHING! Show you care by sending a dontation. Although I'm pretty sure most of us can spare at least $5.00, monetary donations are not required. Send canned goods, clothes, shoes, etc. My prayers go out to Haiti and all their family and friends. Go to to find out how YOU can help with the relief.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reality Check

Hey y'all!! So the holiday season is officially over. YESSSS!! As much as I love the holidays, I'm glad it's over. It always brings the pressure to "show you care" by swiping a credit card, grinning and bearing someone's cooking, and/or gratefully accepting gifts even when you don't like it. Ehhh but I hope you all enjoyed the time with your family and friends though! For those who didn't, I send some e-love over your way boo!

Other than extra pounds and debt, this time of year usually always gives us all a huge REALITY CHECK! We realize who our real friends are, who never were, if you're the main boo, or the side piece, and so on. How do we realize this? Actions speak louder than words.

I can only speak from my personal experiences, or those of my friends; but most likely some of you can relate. Also, remember there is a difference between friends and associates. You expect way more from someone you actually consider a friend. Hmm but that's a whole different topic that I can blog about yea.

Real friends and/or a beau will more than likely get you a gift. Unless they are broke or cheap. Y'all should already have that understanding, with the "I love you, but I'm broke" convo, though. The others don't even think about exchanging gifts. You know why? Their money already went to their close friends and family. Sorry! No money is left over.

Other than getting gifts, you're also invited to the holiday get togethers. When there's a party, people invite their friends. If you only know about a party by looking at the pics on Facebook or seeing Twitter updates...ehh y'all might not be as cool as you thought. If an event allows them to bring only one guest, it'll most likely be their boo. If that person isn't you--you're most likely the side piece. Also, if you only get text messages or phone calls versus actual quality time...guess what? It's because they're with the main boo. (i.e.: Tiger Woods)

Ultimately, someone who really cares knows their presence is worth more than any present though. So if you can relate to any of the situations then you may need a reality check. Don't make anyone a priority when you're only an option.

Can you relate?? Do y'all have any "reality check" moments to add?? Please share. It might help someone. Or just help you vent.